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t, put a stamp on that pass, which contained the German eagle, and besides this the words: "Royal Prussian 8, Reserve Infantry Regiment, II Battalion." This confirmed what the rumours said, that the troops who had passed through Visé and other places during the last days and committed those atrocities there, were the reserves which had been called up, among whom discipline is less strict than among the y

ounger men, who arrived in these dis

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tricts during the earlier days. Although I had been commanded to return "at once" to Maastricht, I succeeded in having a chat here and there with the inhabitants of Riemst. I had visited the village about eight days ago, but what a change! Then the people assured me that "die Duutschen"[2] were not so bad after all, that they were compelled to do their duty, and were kind to the inhabitants if these were kind to them. And at present? Every word expressed hate, profo

und hate, hardly controlled. They trembled all over when



they spoke in deep, inspiring voices about "die Duutschen."[2] Everything of value had been stolen from them: 107horses, cows, sheep, carts, bicycles, everything, everything!

  • ive me a pass, otherwise I may
  • be detained again on my way back." "
  • Oh yes! You may ha
  • ve that!" And the commandin
  • g officer gave me a pass, on which thi
  • s very same colonel who had prohib
  • ited me to write in my paper what
  • troops were at Riems

—only in some cases payment was made with tickets, whic


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h might be cashed after the war. During the night the German soldiers slept in the rooms, but the inhabitants—men, women, children, babies and sick persons—they locked in

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barns and cellars, which they boarded up. I was not allowed to return by bicycle, and left it at a café

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at the crossing of the roads to Tongres and Riemst. A couple of days later the Germans had already abstracted

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the tyres. The road to The Netherlands was strewn over with empty wine-bottles. CHAPTER VII CHAPTER VII LIèGE AFTER THE OCCUP

ATION Next day I was already back in Liège, where m